Dictionary Entries explained

A basic entry in the Zulgo dictionary consists of a headword followed by the definition in French. Then the definition in Fulfulde is given after a star.

awák ● chèvre (f) ★ mbeewa - beʼi

Multiple senses of words are indicated by numbers.

má 1. ● nous (moi et toi, sujet dʼemphase) ★ min 2 ● nous (moi et toi, objet direct) ★ min 3 ● notre, nos (mon et ton) ★ amin, meeɗen

Derived forms of a word are listed underneath the entry.

vatwá ● chemin (m), piste (f) ★ laawol, ɗatal
vatwá v. ● barrer, fermer le chemin ★ taʼugo laawol haa yeeso
    ŋgát vatwá v. 
● avoir lʼoccasion ★ heɓugo laawol
    və́l (-ár) vatwá v. ● permettre ★ dungaago