In this lexicon we present a specific set of vocabulary collected during our study of the Zulgo language. This language is currently spoken by about 18,000 speakers residing between Tokombéré and Koza in the Extreme North Province. Zulgo belongs to the Mafa group of the Central (or Biu-Mandara) branch of the Chadic languages ​​(Daniel Barreteau, 1977). In view of the number of Zulgo speakers familiar with the language of the region, Fulfulde, or interested in the national language, French, we have seen fit to include these two languages ​​in the lexicon.

This lexicon serves three different types of users:

First, it will serve the Zulgo speaker who is learning to read and write his/her language, and who then likes to refer to this lexicon in which the standard of spelling has been established.

Secondly, it will serve the Zulgo speaker who would like to deepen his/her knowledge of Fulfulde or French words.

And third, it will also be useful to the non-speaker of the language who wishes to learn it, to make comparative studies, or to check the meaning of certain words in Zulgo.

Beat Haller

Mora 1985